Academic Support

We have a central Student Support team to advise and guide you on issues relating to a range of academic issues which you may experience during your university life due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, bereavement, employment or relationship breakdowns. 

Your circumstances may impact on your assessments and/or attendance, we are here to help support you through these difficult times and provide you with the relevant support and guidance with understanding University Regulations and implications that may occur. 

Examples of support available to you are: 

  • Academic Appeals
    Within your time at University you may disagree with assessment grades. As a student you have the right to appeal against the decision of the Awards Boards. We can support you during this process.
    • Academic Integrity
      Studying at University requires following good practice in academic writing and research. Plagiarising and Collusion are the two most common forms of academic offences. Whilst you will develop the skills to avoid these offences, and use resources such as Turnitin, if a breach does occur we will support you through the procedures and the best outcome for you. 

    • Special Considerations & Extensions
      If you experience an unexpected circumstance outside of your control which will have a negative impact on your studies, assessments and attendance you have a variety of academic options available, such as Extensions and Mitigation. Evidence will be required (i.e. Doctors/Hospital Letter, Police report, Solicitors Letter) to support your claims, this can vary depending on the situation which we can advise on. It is important that you notify our Student Support Team at the earliest opportunity so we can fully support you with your situation. 

    • Attendance Concerns
      If your attendance is effected by outside factors, you are required to notify your tutors. Failure to do so could result in withdrawal due to non-attendance. There are options available to you such as Intermission (an authorised break from your studies) so that you are not penalised academically or financially for any period of non-attendance.  

    • Student Discipline
      If you breach our Rules and Regulations and your behaviour is deemed unacceptable you will be called to a Student Discipline Committee meeting. Our Student Officer can support you during this process. 

    • Study Excellence Sessions
      Optional skills sessions designed to improve your academic performance are delivered in addition to your timetabled sessions. Sessions include; using ebooks, Persuasive writing, critical thinking, research skills, Qualtrics, Preparing for presentations and debates to name a few. For more information and the current timetable click HERE

    • English as an Additional Language (EAL)
      EAL sessions are for students with English as a second language to develop their grammar structure and academic rigor. Currently students from these backgrounds have shown improvement in their grades by up to 10%.  Drop in sessions take place term-time every Monday and Tuesday 1-2pm in UCP212, and Friday's 1-2pm in UCP015.

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