Clearing 2017: We have a space for you

Jul 5

Contact us now to secure your place for September

Call 01223 695776 or email

You don’t need to wait until your results come out before applying to University Centre Peterborough (UCP) through Clearing, you can APPLY NOW

The most important advice we can offer new students is not to leave it too late or wait until your results come out.  This means that when you do get your results, the process will be even quicker and you have already secured your place.

What does UCP have to offer me?

There are still spaces available on all courses.  University Centre Peterborough has a wide portfolio of undergraduate and higher education courses which include Business, Accounting, Computing, Engineering, Construction, Education, Criminology, Crime & Investigative Studies, Bioscience, Sports Coaching, Sociology, Media Studies, English Literature and even Archaeology plus many more.

University Centre Peterborough can offer:

  • a friendly and professional learning environment
  • smaller class sizes where staff get to know you as individuals and can offer you more support
  • convenient course timetabling as the majority of courses are studied in two full days giving you more time for independent study, part time work or other commitments

You can then benefit from:

  • lower tuition fees by studying at UCP - save up to £4,500 during a three year degree
  • up to a £3,000 bursary for full time undergraduate students with £500 cash rewards
  • savings on accommodation and travelling if studying closer to home

Most importantly, UCP will help improve your employability locally after you graduate as businesses are looking for local graduates.

How do I apply to UCP through Clearing?

You can contact UCP on 01223 695776 or email to see if we can accept you on a course.  Our experienced staff will guide you through the process and help you every step of the way.  We are used to helping hundreds of students ever year so you can be at ease.

What if I have applied to another university?

If you have applied and been accepted at another university, you still have the opportunity to change where you study.  Firstly contact UCP on 01223 695776 or email to see if you will be accepted.  You will then need to contact the other university and simply ask to be released into Clearing.  Once this is done, you select UCP as your Clearing choice through UCAS Track.  We can offer advice and help with any queries you may have to make this a stress-free experience.

What if I don’t get the results I expected?

Don’t panic!  If there is a small difference, this might not matter so check with UCP on 01223 695776 or email and we will let you know very quickly.  When A-level results are announced on Thursday 17th August, UCP will have a UCAS Clearing hotline with additional staff so you can speak to admissions and academic staff who can advise if you can be accepted on a degree. 

As well as full honours degrees which last three years, UCP offer some foundation level degrees which last two years and require lower entry requirements.  After successfully completing a foundation level degree you may then be able to complete the final year of full honours degree.

What do I need to do if I want to study part-time?

UCP offers part-time options for the majority of undergraduate and higher education courses which are usually studied one day a week.  Part-time students do not need to go through UCAS Clearing but apply directly with UCP.

What information do I need to have ready to apply?
  • Please make sure you have details of your grades (actual or expected) as well as GCSE qualifications.
  • We will need your personal contact information so remember your full home address including post code, email and date of birth.
  • If you have not applied through UCAS at all, we will need you to have personal statement ready - there is a handy personal statement too here: UCAS Personal Statement Guide
Call 01223 695776 or email

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