Mature Students & Students with Dependents

Whatever your status as a student at UCP you will not be alone. 36% of our current students are ‘mature’ students (aged 25+) alongside thriving and growing group of students who have continued their academic path straight from their further education.

We also have those who are returning to education to enhance careers and build up their professional development portfolio often being sponsored by their employer.

We understand that one of the main worries mature students have is that they won’t be eligible to study for a degree. A great number of UCP students are those who have returned to university along a non-traditional route but have life or professional experience. Applicants who do not qualify through standard academic routes are welcome to contact us to discuss admission based on previous qualifications and experience.

'Being a mature and disabled student I did have my concerns about not fitting in. UCP have a wide range of learners, which gives it a great atmosphere for all ages. They offer very good wheelchair access throughout the building as well as at social events. I would recommend anyone to come and study at UCP as we have great lecturers and support networks for students.' 

Funding your studies as a Mature Student or a Student with Dependents.

As a student, you are eligible to apply for the standing funding available to you through the government to cover the cost of tuition fees and assist with areas such as rent and food (maintenance support). However, did you know that you may also be entitled to extra help?

Students who have children or adult dependents can apply for funding to help cover the additional costs they incur whilst studying.

You can apply for:

 For more information on funding, look at our fee information page.

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