Cyber Incident - Update for Students and Parents


Further to the news we posted on our website on 19th March 2021, we wanted to provide students with a brief update on the cyber security incident experienced by University Centre Peterborough.

We’re really thankful to our IT teams who swiftly contained the cyberattack and have worked around the clock to restore some of the systems that were impacted. Thankfully, the incident did not have any material impact on teaching and learning and, while our investigation is ongoing, there is currently no evidence to suggest that any data was taken.

While externally you may not have experienced much disruption, some of our IT infrastructure was impacted and we have a comprehensive plan in place to rebuild those systems, using clean back-ups.

We’ve brought in some external IT experts and temporary staff to assist with this, with the aim of having all systems restored by the end of the Easter holidays. Students will have seen that where possible, we’ve activated temporary workaround solutions – for example, earlier this week we created a system through which pupils can access Library Resources.

We’re grateful to all our staff who have pulled together behind the scenes to ensure none of this has affected exam week.

There has been coverage in the news this week that the education sector is currently experiencing an increase in cyber attacks, and while we’re pleased this incident is contained, we want to reassure you that we’ll be taking advice on any additional steps we can take to further strengthen our systems. We also notified the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), the National Cyber Security Centre and police, as well the relevant educational bodies and local authorities.

If you do have queries on this matter, please contact UCP on 

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