Outreach funding to support partnership schools and colleges


Outreach funding to support partnership schools and colleges

University Centre Peterborough (UCP) have been granted £5,000 by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Collaborative Outreach Network (CPCO).

The Grant is intended to give local ownership of attainment raising and aspiration raising activities. To do this, UCP will work with local schools and colleges to put together and deliver new innovative projects, capitalising on the breadth of in-depth knowledge held by associations and services in that geographical locality.

Any activity funded using the Grant must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Engage young people in Higher Education introductions and insights;
  • Encouraging wider participation in Higher Education from those groups in society that are traditionally under represented* at this academic level, where, possible seeking to address and remove any existing barriers;
  • Work to raise the aspirations of young people in the area; or
  • Support the narrowing of the skills gap by highlighting employment opportunities locally, where possible, demonstrating how a degree level education can help them reach some of the positions.

In spending the Grant, local partnerships must be mindful to:

  • Add value to the work of any one organisation
  • Avoid duplication of existing provision
  • Make best use of shared resources
  • Meet the needs of local communities

The Grant must be used for the benefit of at least four secondary schools/colleges in partnership area with the focus of activity being on year 8 to 13 students (13 to 19 year olds) as well as supporting access students outside of school settings where possible.

Any individual project may be funded up to the amount of £1,000 where the benefit is to students from one school or college only and to encourage and sustain collaboration across the local area.

Where schools and colleges come together in partnership to deliver and benefit from a project, additional funding may be accessed, as an example, if four schools or colleges were to come together in partnership to deliver and benefit from a collaborative project, an investment of the full £5,000 may be considered by the CPCO.

How to apply?

Please download and complete the application form below and return to liz.knight@peterborough.ac.uk.  Requests for funding will typically take 3 weeks to approve. 

Application Form - Grant Project Proposal.pdf

Evaluation Form Guidance - Accelerating Achievement Innovation Grant.pdf

Terms of the Grant

  1. All activities must be completed by 1st June 2017.
  2. Any project proposal put forward to benefit from the Grant must provide an opportunity for at least one of the CPCO Partner organisations to have direct involvement in the project.  As a minimum, it is expected that activities will be hosted on the CPCO organisations’ premises or the organisation has the opportunity to deliver or contribute to the event/programme. 
  3. Where the Grant is invested in existing/ongoing projects, it must be demonstrated by the Recipient that these projects are being enhanced, extended or the reach of these projects is being broadened to reach new people as the result of the investment.
  4. The Grant may be used for training and development of teachers and those that provide support to local schools and colleges provided that every state school and college (as listed on the CPCO targeting list) is given an equal opportunity to take up a place on any training course provided and benefit from the training and resources.
  5. The Recipient may not use the Grant to continue or extend existing projects or activities previously being funded by the partnership/organisation/school or college.
  6. No organisation accessing this money may withdraw pre-agreed or allocated funds, posts or resources with the intention of replacing these with money granted by Anglia Ruskin University on behalf of the CPCO.
  7. The Grant is not intended to fund additional members of staff based with any one organisation, school or college or fund existing staff salaries.

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