Reassurance for EU students starting in September 2019


EU students wishing to start studying a degree at University Centre Peterborough from September 2019 will have full access to tuition fee and maintenance loans to help them study for a degree.

This will remain throughout the duration of their studies regardless to what happens with Brexit – but only providing they start their course this September.

The UK government have not yet announced what the plans are for students starting their studies from September 2020 but you can visit for latest updates and information. Students who have not yet applied for September 2019 are not too late and can still make an application.

Students will be able to get a tuition fee loan (covering the costs of their degree) if they have been resident in the UK before 1st September 2016, and will be able to get a maintenance loan (up to £8,700 per year to help with living costs) if they have been resident in the UK before 1st September 2014.

If you have not been in the UK for this period of time, you could apply for tuition fee and maintenance loans as a “migrant worker” as long as you have worked in an EU country for over 3 years. This is also available to spouses, children or step-children of a migrant worker. Applications will depend on personal circumstances and dealt on a case by case basis and the Student Support team at University Centre Peterborough can help students with if they wish to apply to study in Peterborough.

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