Study Excellence

The Study Excellence programme has been devised by recent graduates to equip you with the skills you need in order to get the best out of your time at UCP. It is taught by graduate teachers in conjunction with the Learning Resource Centre. Attendance is on a drop in basis so there is no need to book. The sessions are semi structured; during the first half a specific focus will be covered, the second half will be available to ask your own questions for that session’s topic e.g. if the topic is Writing the focus may be structure however you can use the second half to discuss writing introductions.

Facilitators are there to help you succeed however they cannot; give subject specific advice, proofread your work, give grade estimations, deal with course specific issues or write your assignments. They can; listen to you read your work for clarity, make suggestions regarding structure, help you to understand you module guide/assignment brief, help you to identify areas for improvement.

Session Details

Academic Know How
These sessions are designed to help with academic rigour and professionalism. Topics covered are;

Academic honesty – understand what the academic regulations state with regards to academic honesty and the penalties for failing to adhere to them.
Harvard referencing – understand how to reference correctly in text and how to create a reference list. Tips and tricks to save your time and sanity!
Using Turnitin – trial uploading documents to Turnitin and how to interpret the originality report
Working in groups – learn strategies for effective group work, understand why this skill is important and how to get the most out of it.
APA referencing – like Harvard only different! Psychology modules require the APA style, understand the differences.

Getting a degree is a marathon not a sprint, your assignments should be the culmination of your effort over the semester, and these session will equip you with the training to see it through to the end.

Reading strategieslearn what and how to read in order to get the most out of your time.
Notetaking learn how to take effective notes during lectures and utilising them.
Making the most of mind mapslearn how to use mind mapping software and use it to organise your thinking.
Planning your essayunderstand the importance of planning and how it can maximise your marks in assignments.
Preparing for debates and seminars – understand what you can do to get the most out of your seminar time and debating successfully.

Your assignments are your chance to showcase what you have learned, expressing your ideas effectively will be covered during these sessions

Understanding the questionunderstand the different terms used in your assignments and what is required to answer them fully.
Structuring your essayunderstand how to make your writing fluent and maximise your grade.
Introduction and conclusionsunderstand what information should be in your introduction and conclusion and useful phrases to help get you started.
Academic writingunderstand how to write in an academic style, covering language and format as well as what not to do.
Proofreadinglearn how to avoid losing marks due to slip-ups during the writing process. Checking your work is just as important as planning it!

Critical Thinking
The ability to think critically is crucial to good academia, however it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to people, these sessions will get you asking questions and learning how to argue effectively.

Arguing academicallyunderstand the difference between an argument and a disagreement and learn what is required to form an academic argument.
Credibilityunderstand what makes someone credible and how to spot whether you should trust the information being presented.
Assessing the evidencelearn how tocritically assess the evidence being presented and make a judgement.
Sources – understand the value of utilising different sources and knowing which to avoid.
Logical Fallaciesunderstand how to strengthen your argument by not making these mistakes.

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