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From Work Experience To Senior Marketing Specialist: UCP Digital Arts Course Empowers Tammy’s Success At Ideal Power

12 March 2024

Tammy Shelford, Senior Marketing Specialist at Ideal Power, shares her inspiring journey from a student on the University of Peterborough’s (UCP) Digital Arts course to leading the company’s marketing team.

Tammy Shelford

Tammy’s story highlights the valuable skills and strong foundation provided by the course, showcasing how it equips graduates to excel in the creative industries.

Tammy’s path to success began at UCP, where she honed her graphic design talents within the Digital Arts course. Her work experience placement at Ideal Power during her studies provided a springboard for her future.

Impressed by her work ethic and the creative skills nurtured at UCP, Ideal Power offered Tammy a full-time position upon graduation.

However, with a young child at home, Tammy sought a more flexible solution. Ideal Power, recognising the well-rounded skillset Tammy gained at UCP, responded creatively. They offered a part-time freelance role, allowing Tammy to balance work and family life while staying connected to the company.

“The flexibility of the freelance position was invaluable,” says Tammy. “The UCP Digital Arts course equipped me with the technical skills and adaptability necessary to thrive in this setting. It’s no secret that recent graduates often face challenges finding jobs directly related to their studies. In my case, I had a rewarding opportunity even before finishing my course, thanks to the strong foundation provided by UCP!”

Tammy’s dedication and the skills she developed didn’t go unnoticed. As Ideal Power’s workload increased, so did Tammy’s responsibilities. She gradually transitioned to a full-time role, expanding her skillset into marketing tasks. Tammy’s journey continued when the marketing manager she worked under left the company. Despite her freelance status, Tammy was entrusted to train the new manager, a testament to the confidence instilled by the UCP degree.

“The Digital Arts course not only equipped me with technical skills but also fostered my confidence and ability to learn independently,” says Tammy. “Ideal Power truly invested in me, recognising the potential the degree helped me develop.”

Today, Tammy stands as a shining example of the success graduates can achieve with our Digital Arts course. Having begun as a work experience student, she is now a key figure in the company’s marketing team as their Senior Marketing Specialist.

“It’s come full circle!” says Tammy. “I’m incredibly proud of my journey and grateful for the exceptional education I received at UCP. My experience not only provided me with the skills I needed but also the confidence to pursue my goals.”

“I’m genuinely passionate about my role at Ideal Power and greatly value the support from my work family. The combination of engaging work and a collaborative team makes every day rewarding.”

Tammy was featured on Ideal Power’s social media page as part of International Women’s Day celebrations. Here is what they had to say about her success:

“Tammy, our Senior Marketing Specialist, originally joined Ideal Power in 2021 on a work placement as a Marketing Assistant while studying at University Centre Peterborough. She has been with us since being recently promoted to Senior Marketing Specialist. She is the creative engine behind Ideal Power’s brand, driving our marketing strategy with unparalleled expertise and insight.

“With a keen eye for market trends and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, she crafts compelling narratives that resonate with our audience and elevate our presence in the electronics sector.

“Tammy’s strategic initiatives showcase our bespoke power supply solutions and underscore our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Her work is pivotal in positioning Ideal Power as a supplier and a trusted partner in the industry, driving growth and building lasting relationships with our clients.”

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