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Undergraduate Degrees

Our undergraduate degrees provide a broader focus on your chosen subject area. Gain a deep understanding and develop critical thinking, research and communication skills.


UCP degrees are divided into three or four years, depending on whether you are a full-time or part-time student. The first year provides a foundation in the chosen subject area. The second and third years build on the foundation, delving deeper into specific areas of interest and can involve optional modules to provide further specialisation.

All of our undergraduate degrees are validated by the Open University, providing both full and top-up courses to our students. Top-up degrees allow students to re-skill and update their current knowledge of their chosen industry.

Benefits of a degree

At University Centre Peterborough, a degree equips you with more than just knowledge. You will gain a deep understanding of your chosen field, while developing critical thinking, research and communication skills that are valuable in any career path. You’ll experience a new level of personal growth through independence and intellectual development.

When choosing a degree you should consider:

Your Interests

Consider your academic interests and strength when selecting your subject area

Career Goals

Research career paths associated with different degrees to ensure they align with your aspirations.

Open Events

Why not attend one of our upcoming Open Events? You can explore the campus, speak with current students and ask any questions you may have to our lectures and support staff. To find out more click here.

UCP offers flexible learning

Studying a degree at UCP

Unlike most universities, our full-time course only requires you to come in two days in the week. Our part-time courses only requires you in one and a half days in the week.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Entry requirements vary depending on the degree subject, however they often include A-Levels, BTECs or relevant work experience. If you have any concerns, email for more information.

Academic Support

Our academic support services are designed to improve your academic achievements as well as support you during you time with us.

Welfare Support

We’re here to support you health and wellbeing. Access advice and discuss any concerns you may be experiencing.

Financial Support

If you are struggling financially, please speak to one of our team to discuss the support available to you.

Change of Circumstances

Students may for various reasons need to interrupt their studies, transfer their studies or withdraw from their studies altogether.

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