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Sports Science Laboratory

The new lab, that was part of a £2.2 million extension at Borderville Sports Centre, is now equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. This upgrade enables students to engage in advanced sports science studies and equips them with the crucial skills needed to advance into a career in sports science.

Industry standard

Benefits to students

  • Advanced Learning: The state-of-the-art equipment, including the Servomex 5200 Portable Analyser and Douglas Bag Cart Systems, allows for hands-on experience with tools that are at the heart of sports science research.
  • Skill Development: Utilising equipment such as the h/p/cosmos pluto and the zebris FDM Stance and Gait Analysis System equips students with a wide understanding of human movement and physiology. These practical skills are essential for a successful career in sports science, as they enable students to conduct sophisticated analyses and evaluations.
  • Career Preparation: The lab’s resources, including the Monark LC4-Wattbike Trainer/Pro and Monark 8, are not just educational tools; they are instruments that mirror the real-world environment of sports science professionals. Training on these devices prepares students for the demands of the industry, bridging the gap between academic study and professional application.
state-of-the-art facilities

List of equiptment avalible:

  • Ser­vomex 5200 Portable Analyser
  • Dou­glas Bag Cart Systems
  • H/​P/​cosmos pluto
  • Zebris FDM Stance and Gait Analy­sis System
  • Monark LC4 Wat­tbike Train­er / Pro
  • Monark 8

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