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Student Support

Academic Support

We provide a wide range of academic support services to help students when they study at University Centre Peterborough. These resources are designed to improve your academic achievements as well as support you during your time with us.

Student Support Team

Our Student Support team is available to advise and guide you on issues relating to a range of academic issues which you may experience during your university life due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, bereavement, employment or relationship breakdowns.

These circumstances may impact on your assessments and/or attendance, which is why we are here to help support you through these difficult times. We can provide you with the relevant support and guidance with understanding the university regulations and implications that may occur.

Comprehensive information and guides are available on our Virtual Learning Environment, Canvas.

Academic Support

Digital Learning Support

Canvas is the main system that UCP students use for digital learning. This can be found at (available for students once your course has started). You will then find learning resources from your lecturers and details of learning modules they wish you to complete. Guides are available to support your digital development.

For any digital learning support please contact

To engage with our online resources you need adequate IT equipment at home. Ideally you will have access to a desktop computer, laptop or Chromebook but please note that different courses may require different systems. For instance, a Chromebook will not be appropriate for running some engineering software like CAD.

In addition to having a computer that is able to run the software you require, you should have access to a camera and microphone, either built-in or separate from the computer (or via a tablet or smartphone). These don’t have to be expensive and they will enable you to isolate the online lesson for a better experience. By using earphones you will also make sure that others in the meeting don’t get any unwanted sounds from your devices.

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