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Crime Scene House

Our on-site Crime Scene House is used exclusively by Forensic Investigation students. This state-of-the-art facility provides students with a sense of realism, independence and an insightful experience.

The Layout

The single story building is detached and tucked away, allowing students to maximise their use of the property. The layout allows tutors to set up many different types of scenes from common burglaries to more intricate cases.

The Inside

Inside the Crime Scene House, are three permanently allocated scene rooms set up as a kitchen, lounge and bedroom. There is a small briefing room providing a space for pre ad post scene discussion and a storage room that allows students to access all the equipment they need to conduct their crime scene examinations. CCTV covers the scene rooms to allow tutors to monitor students progress without interfering their workflow.

The Outside

The large size of the rear garden allows for areas that can be set aside for final year student projects such as burial excavations while still having different areas that are well maintained or overgrown areas that are left to represent scrubland or waste ground. We have a dedicated crime scene vehicle parked at the front of the building.

Following a Journey

The crime scene based modules studied on the course allows students to follow a journey. From learning basic techniques such as night time photography and evidence recovery in the first year, to examining full crime scenes in the second year and going on to taking on the role of Crime Scene Managers in their final year.

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