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Our student publication, 'Inside the Box', is launching a new campaign ahead of the general election.

6 June 2024

The ‘Inside the Ballot Box’ campaign that launches on the 17th of June, has one sole purpose which is to encourage young people to use their vote.

Historically, voter turnout for 18-24 year olds has been much lower compared to older age groups. This means young voices are being left out of the political conversation and means often party policies are tailored to older voters.

Young people face a number of challenges that our government has a direct impact on; affordable housing so young people can get on the property ladder, tuition fees so students can access higher education without fears of long-lasting debt, investing in apprenticeship schemes to offer alternative routes into work, investments into mental health and so much more.

It is not surprising that such a large proportion of young people don’t use their vote given the lack of engagement with the young community by politicians, not to mention the complicated political jargon and endless policies that we have to wrap our heads around. That is why Inside the Box created this campaign to give simple, easy-to-navigate information to help young people use their vote in an informed and educated way.

Inside the Ballot Box will include top tips for first-time voters and clear signposting to external information sources. We will also be interviewing local candidates and asking them first-hand what they will do for young people in the area if elected. Content will be available on the website and social media in a multitude of ways including written articles and video content.

Young people are this country’s future, the actions made and policies implemented by the government will affect our future more than any other age group. This is why it is absolutely crucial that young people get to the polling stations and use their vote this July.

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