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Tasked by Peterborough Rowing Club, students empower inclusivity in sport with a dynamic digital marketing strategy.

14 February 2023

Digital marketing students from University Centre Peterborough recently joined forces with Peterborough Rowing Club to promote inclusivity and widen participation within the sport and the local community. The collaboration aimed to make rowing more accessible to a diverse range of individuals, thereby supporting a national objective of fostering inclusivity in sports.

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The talented students presented an innovative media plan, complete with visually captivating strategies, to the esteemed club chairman and secretary in the welcoming confines of the clubhouse. Recognizing the importance of creating opportunities for individuals with limited abilities, the rowing club sought the expertise of the University Centre Peterborough’s digital marketing students. Armed with their knowledge and creative flair, these students developed a comprehensive media plan designed to revolutionize the club’s outreach efforts and extend their reach to previously untapped demographics.

A key aspect of the media plan involved harnessing the power of social media to propel the rowing club’s mission forward. The students highlighted the immense potential of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as vehicles for spreading awareness, engaging with the community, and attracting new members.

The club chairman and secretary were deeply impressed by the students’ expertise, professionalism, and dedication to the cause. Their ability to seamlessly merge theoretical knowledge with practical applications was a testament to University Centre Peterborough.

Chris Pursehouse, Curriculum Leader for Digital Marketing at University Centre Peterborough, added, “This partnership exemplifies the power of education and community engagement. By bringing together our talented digital marketing students and the passionate individuals at the rowing club, we are fostering an environment that celebrates inclusivity and enables transformative change. We are incredibly proud of the student’s achievements and the impact they have already made.”

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