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UCP Alumna J-J Blundy Elevates The Art Of Digital Media At Inspire Education Group

15 January 2024

J-J Blundy, a First Class Honours graduate in Digital Arts from UCP in 2022, has seamlessly transitioned into a fulfilling role as a full-time Digital Media Officer at Inspire Education Group (IEG). J-J looks back fondly on her time at UCP, acknowledging the pivotal role her degree played in shaping her successful career.

J J Blundy
J-J Blundy poses in front of her Digital Arts exhibition in 2022. "This was the best project that I have ever completed throughout my education, and I am extremely proud of how well the exhibition turned out."

“I decided that I wanted to go to university when I was 19, after having a year out of education. I wasn’t in a position to just get up and move away, so I searched for universities near me. I found UCP online, I went to an open day, I spoke to the lecturer about my skills and I was told that the Digital Arts course would be the one for me,” shares J-J.

The Digital Arts course at UCP caters to individuals uncertain about their desired career path but eager to progress their creative abilities. Covering a diverse range of subjects, including Graphic Design, UX UI Design, Motion Graphics, Advertising, and professional skills, the course proved instrumental in honing J-J’s creative skills.

J-J highlights the advantages of small class sizes at UCP, ensuring timely and personalised support from lecturers. She notes, “The creative skills that I gained from this course have played a vital role in supporting me in my role as a Digital Media Officer.”

Describing the course structure, J-J emphasises its alignment with real-world industry practices. “The course structure is designed to prepare you for the creative industry by providing a brief and a deadline for each module. This format allows you to plan and execute your projects,” she says. This structure mirrors her current role at IEG, where she manages various tasks such as Graphic Design, and Video Production.

J-J’s final year at UCP allowed her the freedom to create her Undergraduate Major Project, culminating in an exhibition. Her project, ‘Subtle Vs Obvious,’ was an interactive exhibit exploring different types of product placement. J-J shares, “This was the best project that I have ever completed throughout my education, and I am extremely proud of how well the exhibition turned out.”

Currently excelling in her role at IEG, J-J attributes her success to the solid foundation and practical skills acquired during her time at UCP. “Reflecting on my journey, my time at UCP played a pivotal role in shaping my current career path, and I wouldn’t do anything differently. To anyone trying to get into the creative industries but is not yet sure what specific field is for them, I highly recommend this course,” she concludes.

We are proud to see our alumni thriving in their respective fields and contributing to the creative industries. J-J’s journey stands as a testament to the quality education and practical skills offered by UCP’s Digital Arts program.

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