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Thinking of transferring course at UCP?

4 August 2022

What does ‘Course Transfer’ mean?

Transfer is where a student of University Centre Peterborough (UCP) changes to another course within UCP. If you have achieved credit, all or part of this credit may be transferred to the new course if agreed with the department. Transferring is NOT a student right and must be agreed by UCP.

Get Support

If you would like to transfer to a different course, it may be possible. You can apply to change courses with the same qualification (i.e. from one BA Honours subject to another BA Honours subject). You will need the support of both the Course Leader of your current course and the one you wish to apply for as there might be other options open to you such as intermitting, accessing study support or changing your mode of study.

If you are a current student with UCP contact Student Support on 01733 214466 or who will talk you through the process.

Criteria for transferring course?

We would normally only give permission to change your course within the first three weeks of the start of the course you are applying to do. In addition there must be space on the course you want to transfer to.

When considering your transfer request, UCP will check that you have:

  • Good attendance and academic progress for a transfer to be approved.
  • Talked to your Course Leader about the reasons why you are thinking of transferring to a different course. You may not be enjoying your current modules so make sure you are aware what other modules will be offered in the future and how these relate to your chosen career. Your Course Leader needs to support your request by completing part of the Transfer Form
  • Looked at details of our current courses and made sure you meet the entry requirements for the course.
  • Met with the Course Leader for the new course. They will need to confirm on the Transfer Form that you meet the entry requirements and that they support your request. They will also need to assess if you can transfer any achieved credit from your current course to the new course (through a process known as Admission with Prior Learning Credit).
  • Considered the timing of your transfer request. If you are requesting a transfer after the first three weeks of study there might be assessment and financial implications. For example you may be liable to pay semester one fees for your current course, but not be able to start a different course until the start of semester 2.
  • Have agreement from your employer If you are employer sponsored / sponsored by another organisation. They will need to agree your change in course and understand any difference in fees, study mode and duration of course. We are happy to provide this information but it is the student’s responsibility to seek agreement from their employer or sponsor.

Transferring from a Foundation Degree to Honours degree

It should be noted, if you transfer from a Foundation Degree to an Honours programme you will not be eligible for a Foundation Degree as an intermediate award  

Additional information I should know?

If you have been excluded from a course at UCP or have withdrawn, you cannot transfer to another course. A student cannot be transferred to a course which leads to an award at a higher level if the registration on the original course has been discontinued by the Anglia Ruskin Awards Board as a consequence of academic failure.

Is there a maximum number of credits that I can transfer?

Admission with Prior Certified Learning (APCL) relates to learning completed through an earlier course of study. Where a student admitted to us for an undergraduate course with APCL, their result (including the classification of their degree, where relevant) is determined on the basis of the work they have undertaken at UCP or Anglia Ruskin University only. Marks or grades obtained for APCL do not contribute to the algorithm used to determine the classification of an award. UCP award certification indicates if an award has been conferred using APCL credit. 

Students admitted with credit may not be awarded an Honours Degree unless they have been awarded a minimum of 120 credits of new learning at level 6.

Students admitted with Admission with Prior Certified Learning (APCL) credit who subsequently transfer for whatever reason to a course leading to an award comprising a lower volume of credit are required to complete at least one half of the total credit requirement for the new award by taking Anglia Ruskin modules contained within the Course Specification Form for that award.

Financial implications

If your transfer means a longer period of study, you will need to cover the additional tuition fees and cost of living. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions – UCP Offer and Enrolment document provided to you prior to your enrolment and for more financial information on transferring courses.

It is the responsibility of the student to determine whether there will be any difference in tuition fees as a result of the change of course and to check with their funding body (usually Student Finance) whether the change will have any other financial implications. 

Further information about student finance is available from or 0300 100 0607.

Registration Implications

If you are going to be studying the same subject then usually you don’t have to repeat a year. However, if there are significant differences between the course you are leaving and the one you want to study (subjects, modules, technical skills etc.) it’s possible you will have to complete another year at the same level – this is so you don’t struggle academically and to help you get the most out of your new course.

What are the regulations for transferring?

Please see the Academic Regulations and refer to section 8.33-8.38 for course transfer information and section 3.14, 4.28-4.38, 8.28-8.32 for the accreditation of prior certificated learning (APCL) process.

Timescales and deadlines

If you’re making a transfer request in the current academic year you can do that within the first three teaching weeks of your first semester of the academic year.

If you’re making a transfer request for the next academic year you can do so at any time in the current academic year. You will have to decide whether to continue with your current course for this academic year, or stop your course and start the new course in the next academic year.

Still wish to transfer?

Once you are ready, contact our Admissions team on 01733 214466 or email They will arrange an appointment with you to go through the process and put you in touch with the Course Leader for your chosen course. You might be asked to provide information about your current course of study and the modules you have been taking, so do have this to hand.

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