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Beyond Crime Scene Tape: UCP's Forensic Course Explores The Full Investigation Spectrum

26 March 2024

University Centre Peterborough (UCP) is renowned for its exceptional Forensic Investigation degrees.

Led by highly experienced lecturers, the program equips students with the skills and knowledge to excel in this dynamic field.

Here, you’ll delve into the investigative techniques used by police services, grapple with contemporary issues like evidence-based policing and crime prevention, and gain practical experience processing a variety of crime scenes – from everyday burglaries to complex situations like mass disasters and skeletal remains.

Learning about the criminal justice system in the UK, you will find out how your investigation of different crimes can have a significant impact, and how to report your investigative findings to other professional colleagues.

Our Lectures have first-hand experience in crime scene analysis, policing and criminal justice.

Rob Stewart, a Lecturer in the Forensic Investigation Department, brings an unparalleled depth of experience to the classroom. Before joining UCP, Rob spent 12 years as a Crime Scene Investigator with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, working on major incidents and high-profile cases. He has attended over 5,000 crime scenes, offering students invaluable insights into the real world of forensic investigation.

HE Lecturer in Forensic Investigation at University Centre Peterborough

Rob Stewart

“I started lecturing at University Centre Peterborough in 2016 and use my industrial experience in Crime Scene Investigation and Photography to bring a ‘real world’ perspective to the course.

I am highly experienced in my specialised field as I have 12 years experience as a Crime Scene Investigator for Cambridgeshire Constabulary, which saw me work on major incidents and high profile cases while attending over five thousand crime scenes. I also have eight years experience as a freelance motorsport photographer making photography in any situation second nature to me.”

As well as benefiting from our staff’s knowledge, you will have guest lectures from visiting professionals and get an understanding of the workplace through visits to places such as the Crown Court, and other field trips. The course has close links with Cambridgeshire Constbulary and we ensure that you learn from industry experts.

Rob Stewart, HE Lecturer in Forensic Investigation at University Centre Peterborough

Graduated with First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation

Maddie Hobman

UCP graduates are well-prepared for successful careers in forensic investigation. Maddi Hobman, a BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation graduate, exemplifies this success. Maddi currently serves as a Victim Care Officer with the Gloucestershire Constabulary, playing a vital role in supporting victims of crime.

Maddie Credits UCP for providing the support and guidance that were instrumental in her success. She particularly praised the exceptional support for students with additional learning requirements, as well as the dedication of the lecturers who provided one-to-one and group support. In her own words:

“The support on offer was exceptional. I have additional learning requirements which were evaluated upon my enrollment at the University, and reassessed periodically to ensure that I recieved all the support required,” Maddi said. “The lectures are fantastic and are willing to help wherever possible. This included one-to-one support or group discussions regarding general curriculum querires or assignment guidance. UCP is a place where your lecturers truly care for you and want to support you throughout your journey, so if you’re looking for a dmaller university, then this is an amazing option. Attend an Open Event, have a look online, or speak to the lecturers, and get a feel for the University. If it feels right for you then go for it.

Are you interested in crime, forensic science and policing, but unsure which subject to study? 

If so, you will cover them all on our course. We combine the crime scene examination part of the forensic science with other crime-related subjects such as policing and criminal justice.

We will help you to understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of forensic and criminal investigations. We will look at the impact of various crime types on victims and how the police deal with the investigation to bring about justice.

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