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Molly’s Journey from Teaching to Counselling

30 January 2024

In a remarkable story of career transformation, Molly, a dedicated teacher for over 20 years and a mother to three children has successfully transitioned to a fulfilling career in counselling at the age of 40. Her journey, which began in the classrooms and led to the counselling rooms, serves as a beacon of inspiration for individuals considering a mid-life career change


Molly’s Career Shift to Counselling: A Leap into the Unknown

After decades in teaching, Molly felt a void that needed filling. Her interest in counselling, came to the forefront in 2019 when she discovered a Level 2 Counselling Skills course at UCP. This course, perfectly fitting into her work-life balance, was the first step in what would become a transformative journey.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Lifelong Learning

Molly’s moved on to a Level 4 Counselling course and then attained a Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. The journey required not just academic commitment but also a sense of self-reflection, leading Molly to question her long-held beliefs and perspectives. The unwavering support from her tutor, Caspar, helped her overcome these hurdles, turning challenging assignments into opportunities for growth.

Establishing a New Career Path in Counselling

Today, four years after her initial step into UCP, Molly has established her own counselling practice, Willow Counselling, and continues her professional journey with a placement in the NHS. Her transition from teaching to counselling is not just a career change but a testament to the power of personal development and the pursuit of one’s passions at any age.

Molly’s experience highlights the importance of embracing new career paths, the value of resilience in the face of change, and the joy of aligning one’s career with personal aspirations and interests.

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