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University Centre Peterborough Celebrates Emerging Filmmakers At Student Film Showcase

20 November 2023

University Centre Peterborough was once again the host for this year’s Student Film Showcase, shedding light on the future of filmmaking. This marked the second consecutive year of collaboration with Peterborough’s Gateway Film Festival, providing attendees with a noteworthy and enlightening experience.

Guests were welcomed with a red-carpet reception at this year’s Film Festival. The gathering brought together students from the Inspire Education Group (IEG), with notable nominees hailing from Stamford College, Peterborough College, and University Centre Peterborough.

Among the 11 outstanding nominees, three emerged as noteworthy winners, each receiving a trophy from the judges, Emily Steele, Organiser of Gateway Film Festival, and Ryan Gilmartin, a former student of Peterborough College, who is now a filmmaker, actor, and writer.

This year’s winners included Jen Ramm, a Level 5 Journalism student from UCP, who produced a spoken word film titled ‘I’m Glad You Stayed’. She was commended on her use of words and the piece visibly struck a chord with the audience. 

Joe Hollick, a Level 4 Media Production student from UCP and Amelia Eberle, a Level 3 Creative Media student from Peterborough College won an award for their ‘wacky’ short film about a ‘Sentient Teabag’! The judges praised their storytelling and were keen to see the duo’s future narratives.

Oscar Cutmore, a Level 3 Creative Media student from Stamford College, captured hearts with his heartwarming animation, ‘Lost and Found.’ Commended for its cinematography, Oscar dedicated this piece to his Grandad, adding a deeply personal touch to the Festival.

A special commendation was also awarded to Lauren Watkins, a Year 1, Level 3 Creative Media student from Peterborough College who created a music video for ‘Not My Responsibility’ by Billie Eilish. 

All of the winning entries and nominees will be published on our award-winning student blog, Inside the Box

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