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University Centre Peterborough Hosts Successful University Discovery Day for Over 350 Students from Inspire Education Group

3 June 2024

University Centre Peterborough (UCP) recently welcomed over 350 students from Peterborough and Stamford College for a University Discovery Day, aimed at providing them with a taste of university life. Over two days, students engaged in a variety of activities designed to immerse them in the UCP experience, including interactive course sessions and campus tours.

The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 100% of surveyed students reporting a favourable experience. Notably, more than 33% of attendees are now considering applying to UCP, highlighting the event’s significant impact on student interest and engagement.

Among the highlights of the Discovery Day were the Digital Art & Coding activities, which kept students actively engaged. The Public Services students particularly appreciated the interactive nature of their activities, expressing newfound enthusiasm for what UCP has to offer. A Level students also enjoyed the day, with activities such as the treasure hunt, forensics bungalow, media, and biology sessions being particularly well-received. The use of picnic blankets added a charming touch to the outdoor activities, further enhancing the overall experience.

The Discovery Day not only succeeded in engaging students but also significantly boosted UCP’s brand awareness by 63%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the event in reaching potential future students.

Activities Highlighted During the Discovery Day

  • Biological Sciences: Explored the effect of alcohol on the heart rate of Daphnia in an engaging forensic chemistry session.
  • Business Management: Delved into global business cultures and participated in an escape room challenge.
  • Computer Science: Programmed robots to perform various tasks, enhancing coding skills.
  • Criminology: Debated criminal cases to determine if punishments fit the crimes.
  • Digital Arts & Marketing: Designed innovative digital games for business applications.
  • Education: Engaged in a carousel of learning activities for nurseries and schools.
  • Engineering: Designed and built miniature wind turbines, exploring blade design impacts.
  • English Literature and Creative Writing: Used literature to ask big questions about history and critical thinking.
  • Forensic Investigation: Conducted a hands-on investigation to solve a mystery.
  • History and Archaeology: Tackled anatomical puzzles with real bones.
  • Media Production and Journalism: Experienced filming a live talk show in a state-of-the-art studio.
  • Psychosocial & Sociology Studies: Discussed social media activism and its real-world impacts.
  • Sport and Exercise Science: Engaged in sport psychology activities using a table tennis robot to master anticipation and decision-making.

UCP extends its gratitude to all staff members and participants who contributed to the success of the Discovery Day. The institution looks forward to hosting similar events in the future, continuing to provide valuable experiences and insights into university life for prospective students.

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