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Changes of Circumstances

Change in Student Circumstances

Managing study changes: Interruptions, transfers, or withdrawals.

Students may for various reasons have a change of circumstances that can interrupt their studies or transfer their studies to an alternative course, or withdraw from their studies altogether.

If you feel this is owing to difficulties you are having please contact the Student Support department at University Centre Peterborough as they may be able to assist you.

You can make an appointment with the Student Support team by contacting main reception, please find the details below.

Intermission and Withdrawl

Intermission is a temporary break in your studies if you have medical or compassionate circumstances that will affect your academic performance. UCP will help support students as much as possible in these circumstances.

Leaving university should be your last resort as you may be required to pay back student finance and bursaries. Depending on the date of your withdrawal, Student Finance may not pay your full tuition fee liability, so a portion of your fee may be re-invoiced to you to pay back directly to the University and your maintenance loan may be subject to clawbacks.

If you are thinking about leaving university / transferring to another university or need to discuss a pause in study please contact Student Support.

Course Transfer

Course Transfer is where a student of University Centre Peterborough (UCP) changes to another course within UCP. If you have achieved credit, all or part of this credit may be transferred to the new course if agreed with the department. Transferring is NOT a student right and must be agreed upon by UCP.

Students should be aware that transfers should happen prior to the start of an academic year or by week 3.

Get Support

If you would like to transfer to a different course, it may be possible. You can apply to change courses with the same qualification (i.e. from one BA Honours subject to another BA Honours subject). You will need the support of both the Course Leader of your current course and the one you wish to apply for as there might be other options open to you such as intermitting, accessing study support or changing your mode of study.

If you are a current student with UCP contact Student Support, who will talk you through the process. 

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