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Performing Arts

At University Centre Peterborough, our Performing Arts courses are hands-on, designed to fully prepare our students for the demands of the modern performing arts industry.

Career-focused education

By the end of their journey with us, our students complete an industry placement, undertake an in-depth independent study, and compile a robust performance CV. These preparations open doors to careers in performing arts, digital media, or further academic pursuits. We’re committed to providing a personalised learning experience, made possible by our small class sizes, ensuring each student receives the attention and support they need to succeed.


Achieving Academic Excellence

Over 80% of our students graduate with a 2:1 or above, reflecting our commitment to high academic standards.

15 Years of Educational Expertise

Proudly delivering quality courses for 15 years, UCP is a cornerstone of higher education in our community.

Award-Winning Education

UCP has been recognised with a TEF Silver award, underlining our excellence in teaching, learning and outcomes.

Raminta Naseviciute

Raminta Naseviciute, a distinguished graduate with First Class Honours in Performing Arts from UCP, has translated her academic success into a thriving entrepreneurial venture by founding her own theatre company. Since completing her studies in 2023, she has actively engaged with the industry, collaborating notably with Lamphouse Theatre.

Raminta Naseviciute
Performing Arts

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