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University Centre Peterborough's Level 5 Students Help Raise Awareness of Local Businesses.

2 March 2023

University Centre Peterborough’s Level 5 students have been getting involved with local businesses as part of their Integrated Marketing Campaign module, helping them promote themselves in the local area through business management, communications and marketing.

Our Business Management and Marketing students have been working on their new client, a local community support charity, Peterborough Soup Kitchen (PSK). They will be working with PSK to develop an integrated campaign, with the main goal to help raise awareness of the local charity across the Peterborough area. The Level 5 Digital Marketing and Communications students have also been working with the local business, Peterborough Rowing Club. They have been asked to come up with innovative ways to raise awareness of the rowing club in the local area and pitch their ideas to the client.

These are amazing opportunities for students to put their theoretical knowledge into action, and gain real-life experience working on a client’s brief whilst helping local charities and businesses to grow. University Centre Peterborough is always helping, and pushing, our students to gain experiences which will help them move towards working within their desired industry after leaving university.

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