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Discovery Days at UCP

Critical Thinkers & Creative Minds Discovery Day

Business Management: Escape Room Challenge!

Join our immersive business session delving into the depths of international culture. Uncover the cultural iceberg , dissect the British Olympics’ cultural symbols, explore global advertising strategies, laugh at infamous blunders, and crack the code of a journal paper in our escape room challenge. See if you’ve got the problem-solving and teamwork skills for excelling on a business degree!

Computer Science: What can you make a robot do?

With your own small robot and a set of tasks, you’ll be shown how to programme robot actions ranging from simple to the more complex. Whether you are already a programming whizz, or you’ve never written a line of code, in this session, you’ll be able to turn your happy little robot into a speedy emergency vehicle (and hopefully avoid crashing!)

Digital Arts & Marketing: Gaming in Business

Bringing artists and marketeers of the future together, this session will show you how to devise and design an innovative digital game. Businesses use games to engage with all people – employees and customers for instance, in many different contexts such as training, recruitment, evaluation, and organisational productivity so this is your chance to get ahead of the game with this interaction session.

Engineering: Design a real Wind Turbine

Design and build a miniature wind turbine. Explore how to change the design and the position of the blades to see what effect they have on the electrical power produced in this real-life taster experience that’s directly linked to the learning undertaken at Degree level and in the Engineering industry!

Media Production and Journalism: Shooting a Live Talk Show

Lights, Camera, Action! Ever wondered how your favourite TV shows are filmed, this is your opportunity to join us in our state-of-the-art TV Studio to have a go at filming a live talk show. Job roles will include operating the cameras, producing in the gallery and being the presenter, amongst many others!

Performing Arts: An Introduction to Clowning and Physical Comedy

Clowns are more than red noses and frizzy wigs. In this session you’ll be introduced to the life of the Auguste Clown and how physicality and play can be used to develop fun and entertaining characters and situations, underpinning some of the ensemble stage practices of studying Acting at degree level.

Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Psychology – Mastering the Mind

Using our table tennis robot, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of anticipation and decision-making challenges. Explore a variety of psychological concepts, including: how to manage your emotions and how to ensure that your focus is where it needs to be to be top of the game! All under the guidance of the Sports Psychologist for POSH Girls Academy.

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