Change of circumstances

Students may for various reasons need to interrupt their studies, transfer their studies to an alternative course or withdraw from their studies altogether. If you feel this is owing to difficulties you are having please contact the Student Support department at University Centre Peterborough as they may be able to assist you.

You can make an appointment with the Student Support team by contacting main reception, calling 01733 214466 or emailing

Transferring Course

If you are a current UCP student and want to change the course you are studying at UCP, this section will explain the implications and how you go about transferring.


Intermission is a temporary break in your studies if you have medical or compassionate circumstances that will affect your academic performance. UCP will help support students as much as possible in these circumstances.

Changing University

Transferring to a new institution is a big decision. This section covers what you need to know whether you are transferring to UCP from another provider or transferring from UCP.

Leaving UCP

Leaving university should be your last resort as this you may be required to pay back student finance and bursaries. If you are thinking about leaving university please read this section.

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